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Rex Styzens

Clearly you have thought long and hard about the issue of supernatural intervention in the natural world. I have also and also from a background similar to yours. I am happy to say that I have finally reached a place where I need no longer waste my time resisting the erroneous myths of organized orthodox religion. I have also at long last arrived at a place where I have confidence in much of what I have found to replace what is gone. Yet, as is true with you, the old traces still linger.

I regularly feel a need for help. Life is not easier since I left old time religion behind. In fact, growing older and wiser(?) has brought with it increased awareness of the threats to the values I hold dear. Hence my need for help has also increased. From that I conclude that living with uncertainty and a sense of my dependence on others will never cease. Hence I remain religious and choose to live a worshipful life.

Most curious, however, is that along with my understanding that prayers are not answered (at least insofar as we might ask for specific miracles that favor us), my sense of gratitude for the favors I have received has grown. I do not deserve everything I have. Nor can I say that I have earned it. The best I can do is to affirm that by pursuing what I believe to be good, I have the support of the greater Good, enough so that I am glad to live.

I do not intend that as a boast. It is what I have come to believe. It is not something I can manipulate or take for granted. "Not my will but thy will be done" overrides ego. I have no proof nor any guarantee that what I do is good. For whatever it is worth, my life is my witness. And I joyfully witness to the greater Good.

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