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You ask what atheists have done to transform or reform religion - or better, as they are outside of any religion - society...

What came to my mind after reading the first paragraphs of your essay... What about atheist extremism? Does it exist? What are its features and effects? Risks? An atheist society might drift towards dangerous directions... egoism, immorality, non-solidarity, intolerance... just as extreme christians might do. Thus, a resonsible, sensible, humane atheism might be "aiding and abetting" not-so-good atheism.

Extremism is so easy. I'm right. You're wrong. For the bible tells me so. Intolerance is so comfortable. My way ist the only one. All others are wrong and will go to a place called hell.
But it's not that easy. It's hard and demanding to face the whole variety of religion and life and to stay tolerant and humane. You have to be kind of hm strong to do so. I often think that in the end extremism of any kind is a sign of weakness and lack of (self-)esteem or hm whatever.

Very interesting essay. Interesting details about M.L. King. Thank you very much. I will certainly come back and read more. Please excuse my Englisch, I'm German.

(a lutheran progressive, liberal, left, oldfashioned homemaker and biologist)

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